Monthly Archives: April 2013

ABC Chili Cook Off

Today we had another day of beautiful weather at Memorial Park! After a brief lesson we made our way to the park with all the ingredients and supplies required to prepare a pot of chili. There were 19 students in attendance, and they were separated into 4 different groups. After less than one-hour, each group’s […]


During our regularly scheduled Wednesday class last week we met at 8:30am and spent 8 hours going through the BC FOODSAFE Level 1 course. The students were given a few days off that week, making this course entirely optional. Eight students in total showed up, and their level of engagement and enthusiasm was certainly impressive […]

ABC Moves to the Park!

Starting today, our classroom will be the park located near the school. In order to allow the students (almost 30 in the class) to have a more hands-on experience during the class, and to stress the experiential based learning model, the students are now able to work in small groups of 3-4 per stove. We […]

Sustainable Opportunities For Youth Leadership (SOYL)

Take A Hike students volunteer weekly at UBC Farm with the Landed Learning project. Stacy Friedman, who is the Project Manager for Landed Learning, also has an exciting hands-on summer internship project that secondary school students within Vancouver are eligible to apply for. The program is called Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership (SOYL). The program […]

Empowering Students Through Dehydrating Food

At the beginning of April, one of Take A Hike’s volunteers joined the class to share with the students the ins and outs of dehydrating food. Essentially, he explained to them that they can eat tastier, healthier, and more diverse meals, all while reducing weight, cooking time, risk of spoilage, and even cost. The only […]

Winter Trip Success!

In late February, grade 11 and 12 students ventured out into the mountains on a 4-day winter camping trip. This involved sleeping in their own freshly made quincy/snow cave. Each student was paired with food partner(s), and they were responsible for all of their own menu planning and meal preparation. During this trip each cooking […]