Empowering Students Through Dehydrating Food

At the beginning of April, one of Take A Hike’s volunteers joined the class to share with the students the ins and outs of dehydrating food. Essentially, he explained to them that they can eat tastier, healthier, and more diverse meals, all while reducing weight, cooking time, risk of spoilage, and even cost. The only catch is that it requires a significant amount of time spent planning, organizing, and actually dehydrating the food before the trip. This is not only great for eating well on their upcoming 10-day hiking trip, but is an excellent metaphor for accomplishing success in life, meaning that if you put in the hard work and make plans, then good things often result from this down the road.

The plan now is to put two food dehydrators, and 30 students to work, challenging them to dehydrate as much of their food as they can prior to the trip. We will keep you posted about the processes, and successes from this undertaking.

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