This course is intended to provide the grade 11 and 12 students at Take A Hike with more comprehensive food training, knowledge and skills.  These will be useful during out days and also on the three trips throughout the year, but most of all, each student will develop a solid foundation in relation to foods and nutrition.  It is the intention that each student that takes this course will achieve FOODSAFE Level 1 certification.  Most importantly, participation in this course will allow each student to obtain credit for Foods and Nutrition 11 or 12, under the BC Curriculum.


Eric recently completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at UBC, specializing on Human Geography and Home Economics.  He is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program at UBC and will graduated in August 2014. He is concentrating on Home Economics and Social Studies, and is completing his practicum at Killarney Secondary in Vancouver. As an educator, he believes that a hands-on learning environment is the most effective way to engage students and allow them to learn through both practical and theoretical methods.  He has previously worked as a group home supervisor, a substitute teacher, an au pair, and volunteer firefighter throughout Canada, Europe and the Arctic.  Eric has fifteen years experience as hospitality professional, primarily in the role of a waiter.

Eric has been actively involved with the Britannia Homework Club as a tutor and mentor since September 2011.  In the summer of 2012 he developed and offered his first course, Food Literacy, at Britannia.  He has also been a program volunteer with Take a Hike Youth At Risk Foundation since the beginning of 2012, where he developed this course Adventure Based Cooking, and has occasionally volunteered with Project CHEF.  Aside from his true passion for food, adventure in the outdoors has always been his activity of choice.


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