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Here is a list of readings that the students were given last year:

“The Taste Makers: The Secret World of the Flavor Factory” The New Yorker

“Good Food, Bad Food, Yes Food, No Food” from The Omnivore’s Dilemma

“The China Study Introduction” from The China Study

“This is Your Brain on Food” from Scientific American

“Sweet Little Lies” from Mother Jones

“Seeds of Concern” by Scientific American

“Sugar, Fat, and Salt Make Us Eat More Sugar, Fat and Salt” from The End of Obesity

“Before Cooking: Sanitation” from Keys to the Kitchen

“A Question of Sustenance” from Scientific American

“Recipe Assumptions” from Keys to the Kitchen

“Green Shoots in New Orleans” from The Nation

“The Farms Are Not All Right” from The Walrus

Chapter 14, “Community Food Sharing” from The Kitchen that Gives Back

“Food Additives” from The Science of Good Cooking

“The Olympic Journey of Andrew George” from Magazine

“Ending Africa’s Hunger” from The Nation

“Organics” from Moosewood Cookbook

“The American Way” from Fast Food Nation

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